Custom Fashion Pricing

Prices for Items and Experiences

Please feel free to check out our basic pricing list below or download a PDF copy for yourself. If there is anything you want that is not noted in the lists below or PDF, please do reach out to us for custom pricing.

Download our pricing PDF

Please note: Prices indicated for clothing do NOT include fabric. Kitenge is an additional 10,000 UGX per yard.

Other fabrics please request quotation.

Women's Clothing:
Basic Dress 50,000 UGX
Sleeved Dress60,000 UGX
Maxi Dress70,000 UGX
Intricate Design Dress80,000 UGX
Evening GownCustom Pricing After Consultation
Short Skirt (Above Knee)45,000 UGX
Maxi Skirt (Below Knee)55,000 UGX
Sleeveless Top50,000 UGX
Sleeved Top60,000 UGX
Intricate Design Top75,000 UGX
Two Piece (Top and Skirt)85,000 UGX
Two Piece (Top and Trouser) 100,000 UGX
Fitted Shorts60,000 UGX
Trousers65,000 UGX
Short Jumpsuit70,000 UGX
Long Jumpsuit75,000 UGX
Vest Jacket (Sleeveless)60,000 UGX
Bomber Jacket120,000 UGX
Men's Clothing:
Short65,000 UGX
Trouser70,000 UGX
Singlet Vest60,000 UGX
T-Shirt65,000 UGX
Long-Sleeved Shirt 70,000 UGX
Intricate Design Shirt85,000 UGX
Suit Jacket150,000 UGX
Full Suit (3 piece)250,000 UGX
Children's Clothing (Infant to 13 years):
Dress40,000 UGX
Skirt35,000 UGX
Jumpsuit55,000 UGX
T-Shirt40,000 UGX
Trouser50,000 UGX
Short35,000 UGX
Jacket90,000 UGX
Coaster (6 pack)35,000 UGX
Table Mats ( 6 pack)40,000 UGX
Napkins (6 pack)35,000 UGX
Table Runner35,000 UGX
Cushion and Cover50,000 UGX
Cushion and Cover (Without Cushion insert) 35,000 UGX
Apron (Adult) 45,000 UGX
Apron (Kids) 35,000 UGX
Bunting (2 Meters)40,000 UGX
Letters2,000 UGX per letter
Christmas Stocking45,000 UGX
Scrunchies10,000 UGX
Flower Clips12,000 UGX
Head Wrap20,000 UGX
Reversible bucket hat40,000 UGX
Turban30,000 UGX
Travel Eye Mask10,000 UGX
Earrings13,000 UGX
Bangle13,000 UGX
Men's Accessories:
Bowtie (Adult)20,000 UGX
Bowtie (Child)18,000 UGX
Flower Pin30,000 UGX
Business Card Purse10,000 UGX
Coin Purse15,000 UGX
Medium clutch30,000 UGX
Large Clutch35,000 UGX
Portfolio Clutch40,000 UGX
Side Bag with Chain40,000 UGX
Backpack (Full Kitenge)50,000 UGX
Backpack (Leather/Kitenge) 80,000 UGX
Shopping Bag30,000 UGX
Womens Bag (Leather/Kitenge)80,000 UGX
Travel Purse60,000 UGX
Mens Wallet 50,000 UGX